Why get a domain name?


People and companies acquire a domain name for many reasons.

  1. An email address that stays consistent when you change ISPs
    • (e.g. pinky2118@bigpond.net.au)
  2. Professionalism
    • (Which looks better on a resume? deathmetalbongsmoker89@yahoo.com, or jane@janesmith.com)
  3. Spam prevention, creating disposal email addresses for special projects
    • (wedding@yourname.com, photography@yourname.com, dodgywebsite@yourname.com)

Personal Domain Names

Some of us hope to become celebrities, others, believe they are celebrities in their own right! They aspire to be THE John or Jane Smith DOT COM.

Others just want something stability. As their jobs change or their internet providers change, their .com will be there for them.

Whatever the reason, getting in FIRST (especially with the .com extension) is a lot cheaper than bargaining to buy it back!


Registering a surname which will mean each of their family members can have email addresses @yoursurname.com, or .id.au, .info.au etc.



  • john@smith.com
  • jane@smith.com
  • tim@smith.com
  • auntiebertha@smith.com




  • john@smithfamily.id.au
  • jane@smithfamily.id.au

Children’s names

As more combinations of names are taken, the options for securing yourchildsname.com becomes less likely to achieve.

Business Domain Names

Registering additional combinations of your business name is a great way to capture additional traffic to your website

Additional extensions of existing names

Additional extensions are a great way to secure your brandname (.net.au, .mobi, .info, .me, .asia, .co.nz, etc…)

  • gish.com (a world wide domain extension, quick and easy to type)
  • gish.com.au (provides Australian branding. Builds implicit trust and quicky identifies the company as ‘true blue aussie’
  • gish.mobi (a quirky domain extension designed for mobile handsets, but an interesting touch)
  • gish.co.nz (branching out into New Zealand? Or thinking of doing so in the future?)

Service keyword targetted names

Names that are related to the service your business offers can make it a LOT easier for customers to find you.

  • carports.com.au
  • reliableplumber.com.au
  • boxhillhandyman.com.au

Product related names

Often, your customers will recognise your product, rather than your company name.

  • tcsservices.com.au
  • carrentals.com.au

If you have any questions, or need ideas of what combinations can be acquired, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or search for available combinations at http://domains.gish.com.au