In the beginning Gish was an idea, a dream.

We noticed that lot of small businesses, and even people had thought of getting their own .com or

We began to ask the simple question, why haven’t they?

Being small fish in a very large pond of business, they were focusing their effort on what they knew best.

Builders creating homes.
Accountants crunching numbers.
Hairdressers cutting hair.
Plumbers fixing leaks.

In order to survive, they simply did not have the time to advance, to evolve into the weird world web.

They simply did not have the time to learn how DNS servers work. Where to buy hosting from. How to register a domain. How to write HTML and of course, how to make all of it WORK.

They were also unaware of the direct and indirect benefits of having some online real-estate, and how adding the internet to their advertising portfolio would help.

At Gish, we use what we know best, so that you can do what you know best.

We help create homes on the web to secure your online presence.
We help crunching the numbers to interpret and explain results.
We help cut the costs, making it affordable to achieve.
We test the site for leaks, to see if it is vulnerable.

Gish takes the work out of websites so that you can focus on what matters.

Try us… you’ll be surprised!